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Section: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Principle
Difficulty level: Easy

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To be a good teacher, one must have the ability to communicate with students in a manner that is not boring to them and must teach not just subject knowledge to the students but also moral values.

Which one of the following judgments most closely conforms to the principle cited above?

AMr. Wheeler is a good teacher because he often holds stimulating discussions with his students about the interplay between his subject – science – and morality; these discussions make the students discover and evaluate their own beliefs about morality.
BMr. Wood is a good teacher because he teaches mathematics, his subject, through real-world applications that his students find quite interesting and also often tells them fascinating moral stories.
CMs. Camelson is not a good teacher because she spends all her lectures just reading mechanically from the textbook without noticing that more than half of her class has fallen asleep.
DMr. Craig is not a good teacher because one of his students was recently caught stealing from the wallet of a stranger in a shopping complex.
EMs. James is not a good teacher because she does not tell stories that impart moral values to her students.

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