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Section: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Point at Issue
Difficulty level: Challenging

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Catherine: A woman has alleged today that because she had refused to introduce Mr. Bloom to drug addicts so that he could illegally sell the drugs seized in police raids to them, he arrested her on a false charge of drug peddling. To discourage such abuse of police power, Mr. Bloom's superiors must dismiss him from police service immediately.

Adam: His superiors should first investigate if the woman's accusations are true. It is common for criminals to make false allegations against police officers in a desperate bid to evade arrest or punishment.

Which one of the following most accurately expresses the point at issue between Catherine and Adam?

Awhether the woman's accusation against Mr. Bloom is true
Bwhether a police officer's selling of the drugs seized in police raids is illegal
Cwhether Mr. Bloom's action of arresting the woman was an abuse of police power
Dwhether the woman's accusations should become grounds for immediate punitive action against Mr. Bloom
Ewhether Mr. Bloom ought to be dismissed from police service due to the charges levelled against him by the woman

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