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Section: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Parallel Flaw
Difficulty level: Easy

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Had Amy Goldsmith won the Booker Prize, she would have been a great novelist. But she did not win the Booker Prize, so she is not a great novelist.

Which one of the following exhibits a flawed pattern of reasoning most similar to that in the argument above?

AIf Mary had a daily habit of consuming fast food, she would have become obese. Fortunately, she does not have this daily habit. Therefore, she will not become obese.
BThe Marigold family eats a raisin cakes on every Sunday. The family is eating a raisin cake today. So, today must be a Sunday.
CNo person can join the army without passing high school. John did not pass high school. Therefore, he cannot join the army.
DFor the economic conditions of the socially disadvantaged groups to improve, it was necessary that more than 80 percent of all children in these groups graduate from high school. Since more than 80 percent of all children in these groups do now graduate from high school, the economic conditions of these groups will soon improve.
EMost species of birds are facing a threat of extinction. Hoatzin is a bird species. Therefore, Hoatzins are facing a threat of extinction.

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