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Section: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Role Play
Difficulty level: Easy

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The Pioneer Law School will not be able to attain high global rankings for at least a decade. A law school attains high global rankings only if the average annual salary offered to its graduating class exceeds $100,000. Though Pioneer Law School is well-regarded in its country and all its graduating students secure jobs that are highly lucrative by the standards of that country, when their average annual salary is converted from the local currency into US dollars, the figure is only $30,000. This figure is not expected to increase in the next decade.

The claim that the average annual salary offered to the graduating class of Pioneer Law School is not expected to increase in the next decade plays which one of the following roles in the argument?

AIt is the main conclusion of the argument.
BIt is an assertion that preempts a possible objection to the conclusion.
CIt is a subsidiary conclusion of the argument.
DIt is an evidence that supports one of the premises of the argument.
EIt is an assertion that refutes the conclusion.

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