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Section: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Method of Reasoning
Difficulty level: Challenging

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Kirsten: Mary Howitt was not a good translator. A good translator is one who is able to render the source text faithfully into the target language. But her English translation of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales has around forty instances where she failed to do so. For example, the phrase 'tog hun Hovedetmed sig hjem' means 'she took the head with her to home' but she merely wrote 'she went home.'

Mark: Mary Howitt's intended audience was children, and references to death, violence or anything else that could disturb a child were forbidden in the children's literature in English at that time.

Mark's response to Kirsten proceeds by

Aimplying that the conclusion drawn from the evidence on which Kirsten's argument relies need not be true
Bindirectly stating a supposition that conflicts with a premise on which Kirsten's conclusion rests
Csuggesting how a weakness in Kirsten's argument can be overcome
Dproviding an illustration of a premise that Kirsten uses to support her argument
Eciting evidence that contradicts one of the stated premises on which Kirsten's argument depends

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