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Section: Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games)
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A man has a collection of luxury cars of eight different makes. He has parked them in two lines facing each other. The spaces are lettered A, B, C, and D in one line and E, F, G, and H in the other line. The cars are of three types – convertible, coupe and limousine. The following information is known:

  • The parking spaces A, B, C, and D face the spaces E, F, G, and H, respectively
  • The car in the parking space C is a convertible
  • The car in the parking space F is a coupe
  • No two coupes face one another
  • Any convertible car has at least one limousine beside it
  • Adjacent cars in either line are of different types

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The cars in which of the following positions cannot be a limousine?


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